Defying the Pope, perverting democracy.

Today’s Inquirer headline tells of a Vatican leadership critical of Cardinal Sin’s pivotal role in the 2001 power grab against Joseph Estrada.

According to the story, the Holy See ordered Cardinal Sin to stop Church participation in EDSA II.

Cardinal Sin defied the order. And indeed he could defy it, for he was popular enough to override the pope when he was alive. Sin was seen as a figurehead of the Third World Catholic clergy and his influence extended beyond these islands.

Powerful as he was, however, the late cardinal, the Inquirer story proves, was nothing more than a carbon copy of Cardinal Richelieu who would disregard his vow of obedience in favor of his wanton desire to play the role of kingmaker in this country.

Although late cardinal was able get away with defying the Vatican order, Rome retaliated by splitting the Manila See into several dioceses. The break-up was crucial, for it broke Sin’s access to scores of Metro Manila parishes and schools, which he ordered in 2001 to produce at least fifty people each, mobilizing hundreds of thousands that formed the backbone of the EDSA II uprising.

This story, of course, is not new. The Tribune had printed it way before, and I’m sure the mainstream media have known it since then.

Why print the story only now then? Because the Inquirer and the mainstream media were accomplices to the conspiracy to oust Erap, and they hid everything that would expose EDSA II as what it really was: rape of the constitution.

It’s a different story now, though. Everybody hates Gloria. Many people denounce EDSA II now. It suits the Inquirer to finally run the story.

The story put a big question mark on the legacy of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin. As for me, it only confirmed my firm belief that the late cardinal was nothing more than a modern-day Padre Damaso.

Secondly, it was another proof that Gloria lied when she said in 2005 that the late Pope John Paul II encouraged her to resign from Estrada’s cabinet and lead a revolt against Erap.


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