A message from London?

Live feeds from CNN just now show violent protests by pro-Tibetan groups in London almost disrupting the ceremonial relay of the Olympic torch. It was similar to- well worse than, actually- the earlier relay in Greece.

It was expected that protesters would greet the torch relay in London, of course.

But curiously, the route of the torch relay was liberally opened to the protesters. And the number of security officers and men who manned the route was significanlty small that the angry demonstrators were able to get dangerously close to the torch bearer. Close enough that one man was even able to try to snatch the torch from the bearer while another was able to try to douse the torch through a fire extinguisher.

If the torch relay was in Manila, Malacanang would have deployed at least 50,000 troops and a gathering of five anti-China protesters would have been dispersed even before it could grow into a huge crowd. Doing that would be a no-no for the British to do, of course. They value the rights of  protesters there.

But they could have been more tight with the security at least. Heck, I saw only around twenty to thirty men escorting the torch bearer. They could have prevented the protesters from getting close enough to disrupt the relay. But they didn’t.

Which leads me now to ask: Did the British deliberately allow the protesters to almost disrupt the relay in an apparent unofficial support for the Tibetan human rights movement and the Dalai Lama clique? Worth pondering.


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