Reading List

The Observers – A blog on history, politics, international relations, security, economics, and society.

Blogs by Organizations, etc.
Asia Sentinel
Asia Unbound (and other blogs of the Council for Foreign Relations)
Asian Correspondent
Banyan (The Economist)
e-International Relations
Filipino Freethinkers
In Asia (The Asia Foundation)
Japan Security Watch (New Pacific Institute)
Project Syndicate
The Diplomat
The ISN Blog (International Relations and Security Network)
The PCIJ Blog
World Politics Review

Blogs by Individuals
A View from the East by Sam Olsen
All Things Catholic by John L. Allen, Jr.
Article VIII Jester
Blackshama by Bien Vallejo
Chedet by Former Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad
Dispatch Japan
by Peter Ennis
Ellen Tordesillas

FOO Law and Economics by Orlando Roncesvalles
Greg R. Lawson

Harry Roque’s

History Unfolding by David Kaiser
Homo Politicus by Michael Dedmond
James Jimenez
Manuel L. Quezon III
M. Taylor Fravel
Our Man in Abiko
Philippine Commentary
by Dean Jorge Bocobo
Political Prisoners of Thailand

Politics for Breakfast by James Millaflor
Raissa Robles
The Comparativist by Trey Menefee
The Marocharim Experiment by Marck Ronald Rimorim
The Progressive Realist
The Society of Honor by Joe America
The Washington Note by Scott Paul
Sigma by Corey J. Wallace
Shisaku by Michael Cucek
Uniffors: Life in the Enchanted Kingdom by Manuel Buencamino
Vatican Watcher
Weblog on Philippine Politics by Mon Casiple
Whispers in the Loggia by Rocco Palmo
by Leo Alejandrino

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Foreign Affairs
Forging a New Philippine Foreign Policy
International Crisis Group

De Spiegel International
Foreign Policy
The Atlantic
The Economist
The Irrawaddy

Asahi Shibun
New Straits Times
The Bangkok Post
The Daily Yomiuri
The Guardian
The Jakarta Post
The Japan Times
The Mainichi
The Malaysian Insider
The Nation
The New York Times
The Philippine Daily Inquirer
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post

New Media
Real Clear Politics
The Huffington Post
The Philippine Online Chronicles

News Portals
Al Jazeera

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